Master's in Physics

Build on your basic knowledge in physics and learn how to conduct research.

Our Master's in Physics program equips you to teach physics at the CEGEP level or launch a career with a high-tech firm.

  • Fall, winter and summer admission
  • Daytime classes
  • Full-time and part-time
  • 45 credits


The master’s program is offered with or without an option.

Master's without an option

Choose one of the specializations offered by the professors in our Department: astrophysics, condensed matter, plasma physics, mathematical physics or particle physics.

Master's with an option

Option A - Biophysics and Molecular Physiology

Study the physics of basic biological phenomena, particularly in the field of biological membranes and membrane proteins.

Option B - Medical Physics

Acquire in-depth knowledge in the area of medical physics. Work in hospitals or other healthcare institutions or in the healthcare industry.

Option C - Plasma – International track

Study the physical and chemical aspects of natural and laboratory-created plasmas, through courses at the Université de Montréal and at Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier.

Questions about this program?

Anne Gosselin: 514 343-6111, ext. 3168 (Student File Management Technician)
Joëlle Margot: 514 343-6635 (graduate studies supervisor)

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