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Thierry Nakache
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Arguin, Jean-François Associate Professor Physics of high energy and elementary particles

ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V-236-1 514-343-2298 Upload the vCard of Arguin, Jean-François
Benneke, Björn Assistant Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D-446 514-343-5816 Upload the vCard of Benneke, Björn
Bergeron, Pierre Full Professor Astronomy

Stellar astrophysics
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D438 514-343-6678 Upload the vCard of Bergeron, Pierre
Bianchi, Andrea Associate Professor Solid state physics

PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - A438 514-343-6734 Upload the vCard of Bianchi, Andrea
Blunck, Rikard Full Professor Ion channels / electrophysiology

Pore-forming toxins
PAVILLON PAUL-G. DESMARAIS - 3137 514-343-7960 Upload the vCard of Blunck, Rikard
Bouchard, Hugo Assistant Professor Medical Physics

Radiation Physics
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V220 514-343-6111 #34879 Upload the vCard of Bouchard, Hugo
Bouilly, Delphine Assistant Professor on loan Upload the vCard of Bouilly, Delphine
Caillé, Alain Professor Emeritus Upload the vCard of Caillé, Alain
Carignan, Claude Professor Emeritus Upload the vCard of Carignan, Claude
Charbonneau, Paul Full Professor Magnetohydrodynamics

Computer simulation
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - B418 514-343-2332 Upload the vCard of Charbonneau, Paul
Cochrane, Robert William Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Cochrane, Robert William
Côte, Michel Full Professor Condensed matter physics

Computer simulation
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - A-406 514-343-5628 Upload the vCard of Côte, Michel
Demers, Serge Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Demers, Serge
Depommier, Pierre Full Professor Upload the vCard of Depommier, Pierre
Derome, Jean-Robert Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Derome, Jean-Robert
Doyon, René Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D436 514-343-6111 #3204 Upload the vCard of Doyon, René
Dufour, Patrick Associate Professor Astronomy

Stellar astrophysics
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D-440 514-343-7355 Upload the vCard of Dufour, Patrick
Fontaine, Gilles Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - F-415 514-343-6111 #47666 Upload the vCard of Fontaine, Gilles
Hamdan, Ahmad Assistant Professor Plasmas nano-impulsionnels dans les liquides ; PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - F412 514-343-2288 Upload the vCard of Hamdan, Ahmad
Hamel, Louis-André Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V206 514-343-6204 Upload the vCard of Hamel, Louis-André
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie Assistant Professor Astronomie

PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D442 514-343-5627 Upload the vCard of Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie
Jeremie, Hannès Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Jeremie, Hannès
Lafrenière, David Associate Professor Exoplanets

Brown dwarfs
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D434 514-343-6128 Upload the vCard of Lafrenière, David
Lapointe, Jean-Yves Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Lapointe, Jean-Yves
Laprade, Raynald Professor Emeritus PAVILLON PAUL-G. DESMARAIS - 3150 514-343-6111 #4338 Upload the vCard of Laprade, Raynald
Leonelli, Richard Chair

Condensed matter physics

Laser spectroscopy
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D-424 PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D-424 PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - D-424 514-343-7274 514-343-7274 Upload the vCard of Leonelli, Richard
Lepine, Yves Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Lepine, Yves
Leroy, Claude Full Professor ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

High-energy and elementary particle physics
LABORATOIRE RENE-J-A.-LEVESQUE Upload the vCard of Leroy, Claude
Lessard, Louis Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of Lessard, Louis
LeTourneux, Jean Honorary Professor Upload the vCard of LeTourneux, Jean
Lewis, Laurent J. Full Professor Computational physics of materials

Molecular dynamics
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - A439 514-343-7721 Upload the vCard of Lewis, Laurent J.
London, David Full Professor Phenomenology

Weak interactions
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V210 514-343-5836 Upload the vCard of London, David
MacKenzie, Richard Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V224 514-343-5860 Upload the vCard of MacKenzie, Richard
Margot, Joëlle Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - F411 514-343-6635 Upload the vCard of Margot, Joëlle
Michaud, Georges Professor Emeritus PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - B439 514-343-6672 Upload the vCard of Michaud, Georges
Moffat, Anthony F.J. Full Professor Massive stars PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - B422 514-343-6682 Upload the vCard of Moffat, Anthony F.J.
Moisan, Michel Professor Emeritus Plasmas

High-frequency (HF) discharges
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - F419 514-343-6671 Upload the vCard of Moisan, Michel
Mousseau, Normand Full Professor Complex materials

PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - A436 514-343-6614 Upload the vCard of Mousseau, Normand
Nadeau, Daniel Full Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - B440 514-343-6676 Upload the vCard of Nadeau, Daniel
Paranjape, Manu Full Professor Quantum field theory

Alternative gravity
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V234 514-343-6775 Upload the vCard of Paranjape, Manu
Pearson, John Michael Honorary Professor Nuclear astrophysics

Neutron stars
Upload the vCard of Pearson, John Michael
Robinson, Alan Assistant Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V-216 514-343-6474 Upload the vCard of Robinson, Alan
Roorda, Sjoerd Full Professor Ion implantation

Structure and relaxation of amorphous materials
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V227 514-343-2076 Upload the vCard of Roorda, Sjoerd
Schiettekatte, François Full Professor Ion beam analysis

Composition and profilometry of thin films
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V233 514-343-6049 Upload the vCard of Schiettekatte, François
St-Louis, Nicole Full Professor Massive stars

Stellar winds
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - B405 514-343-6932 Upload the vCard of St-Louis, Nicole
Stafford, Luc Associate Professor Plasma physics

Diagnosis of reactive plasmas
PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - F-414 514-343-6542 Upload the vCard of Stafford, Luc
Taras, Paul Professor Emeritus PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - V236-1 514-343-7683 Upload the vCard of Taras, Paul
Vincent, Alain Honorary Professor Fluid physics

Upload the vCard of Vincent, Alain
Vinet, Luc Full Professor Theoretical physics

Mathematical physics
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 5383 514-343-6111 #51733 Upload the vCard of Vinet, Luc
Witczak-Krempa, William Assistant Professor PAVILLON ROGER-GAUDRY - A-405 514-343-6669 Upload the vCard of Witczak-Krempa, William